• Business
  • Investment Bank
  • Location
  • St. James’s, London
  • Area
  • 300m2

“DRCG’s Strength Lies in Their Ability to Customise the Product to Suit Exactly What We Want. I Couldn’t Recommend Them Highly Enough”

This successful desking-focused project was for a long-standing client who we had previously delivered desking projects for at Alfa Bank and The Korea Long Term Credit Bank. Almost 50 customised Minima desks from Wall Street Trading Desks were installed in the new headquarters at Eagle Place. The client appreciated our ability to configure the desks to suit precise spatial, functional and technological requirements. DRCG are trading floor specialists with exclusive access to a range of configurable desking and screen arm solutions. We also provide the highest level of trading technology consultancy although that was not required in this instance.

The Minima Desks from Wall Street Trading Desks were 1,500 mm wide by 740 mm deep with a white plastic laminate finish and composite nosing. We installed toughened glass end panels with an opal frost effect. DRCG installed flat screen arms on an aluminium post and rail system for arrays of either three or four 21” monitors per user. The integrated desk design allows infrastructure to be discreet while remaining accessible for administrators. Power distribution units were housed in cable manag

“DRCG’s strength lies in their ability to customise product to suit exactly what we want. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I first came into contact with Greg’s team in 1995 at Korea Long Term Credit Bank, where they designed, built and installed a suit of desks of exceptional quality. I used Wall Street Trading Desks again when at Alfa Bank some years later, where we deployed the newly released Ultra desk. Again, Greg’s team configured the desks to suit our precise spatial and technologi”

Michael C. Kim, Chief Executive Officer

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