• Business
  • Principal Trading Broker
  • Location
  • Salters Hill, London
  • Area
  • 1,200m2

“DRCG Are There to Support Your Business as it Grows”

DRCG are proud of the long-term client relationships that we maintain. Infinity Capital Markets is a good example of a long-standing client who we have enjoyed helping at various locations from Aldermanbury Square to Salters Hill and London Wall to Moorgate.Project

This commission saw us relocate Infinity to a larger space at Salters Hill. The client wanted to demonstrate prudence rather than extravagance, but the brief still stipulated that the new space should create an impact. As well as the dealing room and reception area, our team was required to deliver a tea point and bathroom.

The fit-out included two mid-sized floors with dealing rooms on each. There were 150 positions across the two levels. We also designed and built a new Comms Room, contemporary tea point and bathroom. In addition, we performed a full check of the power distribution to ensure the infrastructure was fit for purpose before we installed floor coverings and embarked on furniture installation. A relatively dark floor covering was used in the dealing rooms which created a pleasing effect when juxtapo

DRCG are the trading floor furniture experts and delivering this project required us to draw on our long experience. We added to Infinity’s existing Minima trading desks, that we supply exclusively in the UK, bringing the total up to 150. Having planned the layout and approved it with the client, our furniture fit-out team were able to follow their refined process to connect the cabling and build the desking into space-efficient rows with storage units on the end. We created a compact recepti

“DRCG have carried out extensive works for Infinity on numerous occasions over the past ten years, their attention to detail, quality of workmanship and works always being completed to schedule has ensured employment of their services time and again. Inevitably, with every build project, a few unforeseen challenges arose, and these were dealt with sound advice, promptly and professionally, a trait you can always rely on with DRCG.”

Mark Beaney, Director

We are always happy to hear from clients, new and existing.