An office refurbishment can bring many new and exciting benefits to your business; from freeing up space you never knew you had to saving on costs and increasing performance.

As a specialist in office refurbishment, we have a unique process that is cost effective and will ensure minimal disruption to the daily running of your company.

In today’s cost driven market, the decision to refurbish an office may save you more money than choosing to relocate entirely. Our dedicated office refurbishment team will produce phased project programmes to clearly illustrate the impact of a good office renewal. The decision to refurbish your workplace demands careful consideration, that’s why we’ll take care of everything from start to finish so that your business can run as normal while we do all the heavy lifting.

At DRC Group we are confident in delivering an office interior design that will bring new vitality to your workplace, increasing staff morale and productivity. A well thought out, effective office design will also create a good impression to visiting clients and help to develop a structured, professional image that inspires confidence and loyalty.

From the outset, we have had the design and implementation skills to fit out any work space of associated facility, but we have always focused and specialised in the capital markets sector. Due to our extensive knowledge of trading technologies we maintain our exemplary service levels as your business evolves and grows.

We are always happy to hear from clients, new and existing.