A cost-effective way to end a commercial lease!

Most leases contain obligations for the tenant to clean, decorate, repair, not to alter and to comply with relevant statutes. A wise tenant will be aware of their significance before taking a lease and might seek to limit their potential at that stage. In practise, often they only realise the true effect when their landlord sends them a long list (schedule of dilapidations) of defects to be remedied at their expense, usually to include a requirement to pay various quite substantial associated costs. Schedules of dilapidations can be produced at almost any time but particularly they will be expected to materialise at the end of a lease term.

DRC Group has extensive experience and knowledge in helping our clients to minimise cost of lease terminations by stripping out and reinstating the demise to meet the specifications set out in the landlord issued reinstatement specifications or dilapidations schedule.

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